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DNA is responsible for things as simple as eye color and finger length, to more clinically relevant characteristics like heart health and cancer predispositions. reveal23 uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, the benchmark standard for genetic disease testing to map an individual’s genetic profile and identify inherited mutations that may have future health implications.

The Science
Because You Deserve to Know

We believe in empowering people for a healthier living.  By combining your genetic information with your family health history, we can help provide guidelines for your primary care physician to use in creating a proactive heath care plan. At reveal23, we always encourage a healthy lifestyle, appropriate check-ups and proper preventive screenings. Most importantly we help you understand the choices ahead.

why get tested?
The Step-by-Step Process

Purchase your genetic kit online. Complete a brief questionnaire regarding personal and family health history. Upon physician review and approval,  a  kit will be shipped to your home. Once a saliva sample is collected, activate your kit online and return your genetic kit to reveal23. Seamless and private process from beginning to end.  The reveal23 team will be ready to help you along the way.

how it works
How it works
  • Step 1
    Order Your Kit Online

    Create an account and purchase your kit.  Once approved by a reveal23 physician, we will ship the kit right to your home.  It’s that simple.

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  • Step 2
    Saliva Sample

    Provide a saliva sample using the reveal23 collection kit – all from home. Activate your kit and ship back to reveal23 using the prepaid packaging.

    why get tested?
  • Step 3
    Get Your Results

    Once your results are available, you can review them securely online and create a plan with your physician to gain a better understanding of your inherited cancer risk.

    The Science
Success Revealed

  • It's amazing what you can learn from your body.  reveal23 helped me understand what I need to do to better take care of myself.

    Eva, Boston
  • Seeing what my friend went thru when she had breast cancer, I made the decision to be better prepared.  What better way than a DNA test to help me make better decisions about my health.

    Sarah, Washington
  • Thank you reveal.  It was scary waiting for it, but the end result was sure worth it.

    Kate, Los Angeles
  • It was the easiest thing I had ever done.  The ordering process was easy, customer service was great - they walked me through each step, even though the instructions were there.

    Suzie, Boston
  • At first I was worried about this test and how I would accept the results.  However, the entire process was easy all the way to the results. reveal was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had.

    Monica, Washighton
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